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I discovered black and white analogue photography as a teenager. It remained a side hobby until I also discovered contemporary dance, seated next to a professional photographer who handed me a camera to give it a try. I loved it and worked as a professional for a few years.

When digital colour photography took over, I put an end to my career as a dance photographer. No one wanted black and white prints anymore and I did not find color images as powerful.

I did not take pictures with a camera for more than 20 years... until now, for a friend choreographer. And I just realize how much I missed it

a patch of pictures from the choreography Dayira by the dance company Rose des Vents

Events and photography exhibitions

Two photography exhibits are announced for 2023. They will present pictures from Dayira, by the company Rose des Vents, directed by Aïcha Aouad. Royalties and sales' benefits are given to the company, a non-profit organisation, to support its work.

Dayira / Amsterdam

Opening night: February 16th 2023.

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Dayira / Aix-en-Provence

Currently ongoing

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